Second Wave

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Second Wave

Post by Kree8or on Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:11 pm

The second wave of Sukoshi Ishi has been released! And this time: Launchers*!

Starter Packs
5 Blue Sukoshi $1.00
5 Clear Blue Sukoshi $1.00
5 Clear Teal Sukoshi $1.00
5 Tinted Sukoshi $1.00

1 Blue Sukoshi $.25
1 Clear Blue Sukoshi $.25
1 Clear Teal Sukoshi $.25
1 Tinted Sukoshi $.25

Slam Launcher $2.00
Torque Launcher $2.00

PM me for buying information!
Rates for previous releases still apply unless altered in this post!

*Due to design flaws, the Spin Launcher will be released at a later date. We here at the SIA are sorry for any inconvenience.


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